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Welcome to Maharishi College of Natural Law, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha,Phone No: 0674-2541268, 2542216, 2540197(SAM), 2544462(UGC) Fax: 0674-2541268, 0674-2544462 Email :- maharishicollegebbsr@gmail.com



1. The academic session of the college from June to May comprises two Semesters.

2. Admission to the college begins after the publication of the CHSE (Council of Higher Secondary Education, Govt. of Odisha) Examination results and continues till the last day prescribed for such admission by the University.

3. The college follows the E-Admission process through SAMS (Students Academic Management System) for the process of admission which is based merit and due weightage is given to students from SC/ST/ Persons with disability/NCC/Sports etc. as per the regulation of government of Odisha. The detailed information related to it is highlighted in the college website and the admission portal of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha. Before one is admitted into the college, he /she and his/her guardian have to sign an undertaking form that the student will abide by the rules of the college.

4. Ordinarily Admission is allowed on the ground of merit and conduct of a student. Admission into the college cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

5. Each student must register the college the address at which he /she resides.

Course Curriculum:

The College adopts a choice-based credit system prescribed by Utkal University, Bhubaneswar and some skill enhancement courses specially designed by the Odisha Higher Education Programme for excellence and equity (OHEPEE), govt. of Odisha.


1. Each teacher acts as mentor for a group of students for performance enhancement.

2. Every student is required to attend his/her classes regularly and punctually. Concerted absence without leave is a serious breach of college discipline.

3. Students are advised not to absent themselves from classes otherwise they are liable to be detained irrespective of their performance in the college examination.

4. Students having less than 75% of attendance in any of the subjects shall not be allowed to appear semester exams.

5. Students can participate in the college election only if they have 75% attendance.


1. Students pay their fees in a cashless mode through debit card, swipe or SBI collect. There is no provision for collection fees of any kind in cash.

2. Any kind of fine on grounds of indiscipline will be realized along with the tuition fee.

3. Fee waiver is allowed only for the students of PWD and Transgender category as per the guidelines of government of Odisha.

4. College tuition fees along with other fees, if any, for the remaining months of the academic session, will be realized from a student before he/she is allowed to fill up the examination form for the University Examination.

5. A fine of Rs 1/- is charged if a student fails pay the readmission fees within stipulated date.

6. Students are not allowed to fill-up forms for appearing university examination in case of nonpayment of college dues, non-return of Library books, shortage of attendance etc.

7. If a student fails to return a book issued from the library or loses it, a fine is imposed as per the rules of college library.


1. All office orders, decisions and instructions are given on the college notice boards placed at different points in the college and the college website. Every student should see the Notice Board and the website to obtain the necessary information. Ignorance of a student due to negligence will not be accepted as an excuse.

2. Tampering of college notice board notice is a serious offence.

3. If clarification or elaboration of any information given on the Notice Board is required, the student may contact the Administrative Bursar for detailed information.

4. Every student should go through the college calendar for his own interest.

5. No student is allowed to affix private notice on the college Notice Board without the permission of the Principal.

6. Students should maintain cleanliness and sanctity of the college campus.

7. In case of any damage to the college property, the cost of the damaged article along with the fine shall be realized from the students concerned.

8. Students can address their grievances or complaints to the respective cells specifically created for the purpose. In case their grievance could not be resolved by the cell, they can raise the issue with the principal.

9. Students are required to keep their bicycles under proper lock and key in the cycle shed provided for the purpose in order to avoid theft.

10. Students are forbidden from playing on mikes and loud speakers inside the college premises without specific written permission from the Principal.

11. Frequent movement of the students in the corridors and making Cat calls and other disturbance when classes are in progress are strictly prohibited. Creating any sort of commotion inside the campus is viewed very seriously.

12. Every student should bring his/her college identity card with him/her and must be in college uniform.

13. In addition to the acts of breach of discipline as mentioned in Odisha Education Code, smoking, chewing pan and any kind of intoxication inside the college premises are strictly prohibited.


1. The examinees of the University Exams are required to abide by all the rules set by the university as well as the rules framed by the Centre Superintendent.

2. Malpractice in any form is a cognizable offence under the Odisha conduct of Examination Act, 1988. In addition to the reporting of the malpractice to the University, the examinees indulging in malpractices may be criminally preceded under this Act by way of F.I.R. in the local police station.


1. The college conducts parent-teachers meeting as per the schedule of given by the higher education department under government of Odisha.

2. Parents and Guardians of the students may meet the Principal & the proctors and enquire about the welfare and progress of their wards. They are also requested to meet the Principal when advised to do so.

3. Reports regarding the undesirable activities of the students may be sent to the parents or guardians from time to time for their information.


1. All cycles must be kept in the cycle stand.

2. The cycle must be double locked.

3. The owner of the cycle must take the coupon/token from the watchman.

4. In case of loss/theft of the cycle the coupon /token has to be produced.

5. If the token is lost the cycle can be given to the student only on production of proper/valid documents and he/she has to pay fine as fixed by the authority depending upon the time and circumstance.

6. Students coming with scooter/motorcycles/mopeds/ other vehicles shall not claim the loss or damage of their vehicles for which the college authority is not liable.